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Sprummer SALE

Spring + Summer = The optimal season for vacationing when the weather is great, the crowd is small and the prices are just right.

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A mother walks on the beach with her child in her arms while the background fades into a sea of flowers.

Spend the savings on yourself.

Downtown skyline and harbour of Fort Lauderdale, Florida at sunset.
Hamilton to Fort Lauderdale

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Peggy's Point Lighthouse near Halifax, Nova Scotia.
London, ON to Halifax

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Downtown London, Ontario
Abbotsford to London, ON

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Swoop Route flight map showing flights across Canada, United States, Caribbean, and Mexico.  Swoop offers only direct routes with no layovers.
Where we fly

Where we fly

Our route map is constantly expanding as we do our best to bring ultra-low fares to all.

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Swoop 101

Swoop 101 - Here's how it works

Swoop has landed with unbundled ultra-low fares.  We allow you to customize your flight, your way.  With a base fare that includes only your seat, we are giving you the control to add only the things you want, and nothing you don’t.

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Ultra-low fares

Our base price starts with just a seat on an aircraft.

Modern Planes

To make the model work, we utilize a fuel efficient and safe fleet.

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