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Air passenger protection surcharge

In order to maintain our ability to provide unbundled, ultra-low fares, Swoop has introduced a nominal Air Passenger Protection Regulations (APPR) surcharge of $2.95 per traveller, per flight. The Surcharge provides compensation funds for travellers experiencing irregular operations that are in the airline’s control and not related to safety, in compliance with APPR requirements. This enables us to both comply with the APPR, while keeping our base fares ultra-low for all Canadians. The Surcharge amount is consistent with the APPR Cost-Benefit Analysis report issued by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA).

The surcharge will be collected at point of sale and will apply to each traveller on a per flight basis, in addition to other relevant charges and fees. It’s important to note that this surcharge is not designed to act as supplementary revenue to Swoop – it is meant to be revenue-neutral.

The Surcharge does not apply to lap held infants.