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Alternate Carrier Bookings

Flight Interruptions within 3 days (72 hours) of scheduled departure

  • In the event of a Swoop flight cancellation where an appropriate re-accommodation option is not available on a Swoop-operated flight, Swoop may, subject to availability, offer re-booking on WestJet.

  • In the event of a Swoop flight delay greater than 3 hours, Swoop may offer re-booking on WestJet, subject to availability and timing of WestJet and Swoop-operated flights.

  • If your vacation package is impacted (transfers, hotels, etc.) please contact your third party tour operator for options.

Important information on WestJet re-booking

  • Swoop will communicate re-accommodation options to travellers via email in the event of a flight disruption.

  • If travellers choose to be re-booked on WestJet, the WestJet booking cannot be changed or cancelled.

  • Travellers will need to check in for the WestJet flight.

  • Travellers will need to retrieve any checked baggage from the original Swoop flight, exit the secure area, and check in the baggage for the WestJet flight.

  • It is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure that they have adequate time to check in and manage any baggage for the WestJet flights.

Managing your WestJet booking

  • Baggage: You are entitled to one carry-on bag and one checked bag on the WestJet flight. If you have additional checked bags, you will need to purchase these from the WestJet counter at check-in. You can apply for a refund on the additional bag fees by completing a webform.

  • Seats: Within 24 hours of departure of your WestJet flight, you can choose your seat while you check in for your flight. Please see a WestJet agent at the gate prior to departure if you are having issues getting seating with your children.

  • Special requests: Any special requests, such as wheelchairs, will be added to your new WestJet reservation.

  • WestJet flight updates: You can check the status of your upcoming WestJet flight via Flight Status.

Disruptions to your WestJet booking

Swoop Receipt

If you are booked on a WestJet flight, your receipt accessible via Swoop Manage My Bookings will include the following line items:

  • Spoilage: Extras, including seats and bags, from the original Swoop flight

  • Alternate Carrier Fares and Fees: Fare, taxes and fees associated with your original Swoop flight

For further information on your WestJet flight, please see the WestJet tariffs and travel terms and conditions.

Note that a third-party travel agency is used to automate the WestJet re-booking process.