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Numi antigen testing

Antigen Testing at Edmonton International Airport

Edmonton International Airport, in partnership with Alberta Health and Numi Health is offering voluntary COVID-19 Rapid Antigen screening for both departing and arriving passengers. Health Canada and FDA-approved antigen tests are accepted by border control for entry into the United States.

How it works

Rapid antigen COVID-19 screening takes approximately 5 minutes and results are delivered within 30 minutes. Travellers must reserve their test appointment online prior to arriving at the airport, and are encouraged to schedule their test appointment at least 90 minutes prior to the flight’s boarding time. Travellers are asked to wait in a designated area until their results are printed out. If a traveller receives a positive COVID-19 test, they must return home and contact Alberta Health Services to determine if a COVID-19 PCR test is required.

How to book

Screening tests are done by appointment only and can be booked online at https://store.numihealth.com/covid.html  and Swoop travellers can use the promo code SWOOP2021 for a discounted price of $75 CAD (normally $99 CAD).   You will need the following information for each passenger on your itinerary who will be tested: 

  • First and Last Name as it appears on the passport

  • Date of Birth

  • Flight Number

  • Email Address

If you have booked the service and have questions please ontact [email protected] or for general questions contact Numi Health at [email protected] or call 1-844-GET-NUMI. Learn more about Numi Health at www.numihealth.com.

Swoop travellers can use the promo code SWOOP2021 for a discounted price of $75 CAD (normally $99 CAD).

What is the difference between an antigen test and a PCR test?

An antigen test (frequently referred to as a rapid test) tests protein fragments specific to the Coronavirus. Turnaround time for results is usually very quick , sometimes within 15 minutes.

A PCR test actually detects RNA (or genetic material) that is specific to the virus and can detect the virus within days of infection, even those who have no symptoms. Turnaround time is longer, generally in the 2-3 day range.

Both tests are accepted for entry into the United States but entering Canada currently requires a PCR test.

Do I need to be travelling to get the test?

You do not need to be travelling to use this service. Find more details here.

What are the test requirements to enter the U.S. and Canada?

American and Canadian authorities’ testing requirements differ. If you are transiting through the U.S. to come to Canada, American authorities will accept both antigen and molecular tests. However, Canada does not accept antigen tests. For all requirements to enter Canada, please visit this page.

Numi’s COVID-19 Antigen test is approved by Health Canada and the FDA. It tests for the presence of the virus indicating whether you might have been recently exposed to COVID-19, and could be infectious to others. The test involves a nasal swab and the results are available in as little as 15 minutes. Negative results do not preclude COVID-19 infection. Optimum specimen types and timing for peak viral levels during infections caused by COVID-19 have not been determined. Viruses present below the limit of detection may lead to false negative results. Regardless of the test result you need to follow public health guidelines. If you test positive, you must be retested using a lab-based PCR test prior to travel. This is a government health regulation.