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Swoop Charters

Offering flexible options for you to travel

Enjoy the ease and comfort of a fully personalized chartered flight and let Swoop take you where you need to be.

Fly aboard one of our fuel-efficient 737-800 aircraft with a capacity of up to 189 travellers. Each aircraft has a range of over 5,500 kilometers which means you can go almost anywhere within Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean and Central America. Find out more about our fleet here.

All safety and precautionary measures amid this COVID-19 crisis apply to our chartered flights. For more information on how we protect our travellers on any flight, please click here.

Request a charter today

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What happens next?

A charter request agent will reach out to you with a quote by email. They will assist you in completing your booking as well as provide ongoing support.  Please allow up to one to two business days for a booking agent to respond to your charter request.