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Fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia

The capital city of Nova Scotia has lots to offer from the freshest seafood, to lively music and splendid historic architecture. Take a flight with Swoop to visit downtown Halifax at the waterfront for one of the world's longest downtown boardwalks. If you travel east you will see the iconic red and white lighthouse in Peggy's Cove!

Cheap flights to Halifax

Book your trip now and find cheap flights to Halifax from Toronto or Hamilton. Why not make it a vacation with Swoop Getaways? Save up to 50% on your hotel† when you combine it together with a Swoop flight to get the best deal on your personalized package!

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Swoop | a picture of the iconic Peggy Cove's lighthouse in Halifax during sunset
Hamilton to Halifax

One-way fares from

$ 119

Swoop | a picture of the iconic Peggy Cove's lighthouse in Halifax during sunset
Toronto to Halifax

One-way fares from

$ 109

Halifax travel tips

  • How to get around Halifax

    Halifax has many ways to get around including public transportation, renting a car, calling a taxi, riding a bike or walking. If you wish to take a cab to your destination, Casino Taxi and Yellow Cab are the largest operators in Halifax. The public buses has several routes that travels within the city and to the outer areas. For more information on schedules and map, visit the website here.

  • How to save money in Halifax

    A little tight on budget? There are abundant of free things to do in Halifax. For water activities, you can travel to the Northwest Arm harbour where you will be able to rent canoes for free on the weekends! Head to the Emera Oval to rent out rollerblades during the summer time and ice skates in the winter time for free. Lastly walk through the historic downtown with the city of Halifax using this leisure walking map.

  • Things to know before visiting Halifax

    Looking to get out of the city to Peggy's Cove for the iconic lighthouse? Go during the weekday and beat the crowds. Another thing to know is that Donair is a main dish in Halifax, make sure this give this beef wrap a try. As well as fresh seafood, it doesn't get any fresher than this maritime city. You don't want to miss chomping down on a fresh lobster roll! Grab one and take a stroll along Halifax Waterfront even in the winter time.

Best of Halifax, Nova Scotia

image of peggy's cove lighthouse with the sun shining through.

What to do in Halifax this summer

Read to find out what you can do in Halifax this summer including walking on the boardwalk, visiting the lighthouse, and the farmers' market.
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How to get to Halifax, Nova Scotia