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Flights + Hotels in Kingston

Fly with Swoop to the capital of Jamaica, on the southeastern coast of the island. Known for its harbour and proximity to the blue mountains, Kingston offers an opportunity to join the hustle and bustle of the city, or enjoy the island life. With plenty of tours and outdoor adventures, Kingston is the perfect island getaway.

Book everyday low-fares to Kingston directly with Swoop, Canada's ultra-low fare airline. We make travel affordable, easy and accessible so you can spend less on the journey and more at your destination.

Swoop | Kingston Jamaica's beautiful turquoise waters with a green island and tourist boat
Toronto to Kingston

One-way fares from

$ 219

Kingston travel tips

  • How to get around Kingston

    Jamaica offers many different ways to get around the island, so we've compiled a little run-down for you to make things easier!

    Jamaica has public transport that covers the entirety of the island, with buses, and mini buses. Public transport is the most affordable way to get around the island, transit routes can be found at https://jutc.gov.jm/bus-routes/.

    For those who would like to have the privacy of a car, you can rent your own cars, but remember to drive on the left!

    A route taxi is a happy medium whereby taxis run set routes between big destinations.

    Another option is to rent a bike and ride along the coast to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  • How to save money in Kingston

    There are many ways to save money in Jamaica, here are some of our tips!

    Consider booking in spring or fall to get better deals on hotels during the down season. Jamaica can be really busy during the high season and prices will usually be higher. This way you can save some money and beat the rush!

    Try visiting Kingston's fresh markets and grocery stores to cook for yourself and avoid the cost of restaurants. Not to mention how delicious the fresh produce will be!

    Lastly, you can bundle your hotel and flight with Swoop Getaways for an even better deal on your stay!

  • Things to know before you visit Kingston

    Travelling to new places is exciting, but it is good to know a few things before you go! Here are some things to know about Kingston Jamaica.

    Unlike some resort countries, the tap water in Jamaica is safe to drink! This is handy considering the temperature is usually around 30 degrees. Speaking of weather, the wet season in Jamaica is around July to October, more consistent warm weather takes place between November to June.

    When traveling to more exotic locations you may also want to consider vaccines before you go. The CDC and WHO have listed some vaccinations you may want to consider before visiting.

Best of Kingston

Swoop | Kingston Jamaica's beautiful turquoise waters with a green island and tourist boat

Five must-do activities in Kingston

Kingston Jamaica offers a wide range of island activities perfect for families, a romantic getaway, or a fun weekend out with friends. Here are our five suggestions on how to make the most of your stay in Kingston Jamaica.
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How to get to Kingston