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Flights + Hotels in Montego Bay, Jamaica

A popular sunny destination, Montego Bay has plenty of white sandy beaches and a mountainous jungle. The city is rich with reggae culture, and there are many local attractions to check out and exquisite food to try. There are a range of outdoor activities as well, from ziplining in the jungle to snorkeling in clear, blue waters. Take a low cost flight to Montego Bay with Swoop and stroll to Doctor’s Cave or Cornwall beach to experience the nightlife of a local.

Cheap flights to Montego Bay

Book your trip now and find cheap flights to Montego Bay from Toronto and Hamilton. Why not make it a vacation with Swoop Getaways? Save up to 50% on your hotel† when you combine it with a Swoop flight- you'll get the best deal on a personalized package!

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Snorkelling on a tropical beach vacation near Montego Bay, Jamaica
Toronto to Montego Bay

One-way fares from

$ 159

Snorkelling on a tropical beach vacation near Montego Bay, Jamaica
Hamilton to Montego Bay

One-way fares from

$ 149

Montego Bay travel tips

  • How to get around Montego Bay

    To get into town from the airport, you can rent a car, grab a taxi or meet with customer representatives from your hotel or tour operators right after Customs clearance. There are two taxi companies operating at the airport, JUTA Taxi and JCAL Taxi as well as eight (8) rental car companies to choose from. For more information, you can check out the Ground Transportation page on the Sangster International Airport website. 

  • How to save in Montego Bay

    Enjoy the sunny weather and walk to many of your destinations! The places you'll be going to are most likely in close proximity to your hotel. Or take a route taxi, its the primary mode of transportation in Jamaica! For a fixed price, each taxi operates a route that picks up and drops off passengers along the way almost similar to UberPool. Travel to Jamaica between May to mid December during off seasons for fewer crowds and less expensive accommodations.

  • Things to know before visiting Montego Bay

    Don't be afraid to ask a local for the best restaurants and things to do. Did you know in Jamaica they drive on the left-hand side of the road? Also Jamaica was where reggae music was born!

Best of Montego Bay, Jamaica

Swoop | a picture of a person snorkelling underwater in Montego Bay, Jamaica

5 best excursions in Jamaica

Here are 5 best excursions to check out while you're in Jamaica including a party cruise with snorkeling, ATV adventures, zipline, tubing, and night cruise.
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How to get to Montego Bay, Jamaica