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Flights + Hotels in New York

The "Big Apple" houses some of the most famous places in pop culture and history. Known for its hustle and bustle, delicious street food dives, shopping, and live performances, this city truly has something for everyone. Take in the iconic sites and skyscrapers and experience the "city that never sleeps."

You can find us at Terminal 1 at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

New York travel tips

  • How to get around New York

    Not to be cliche, but taxis are sure bet to get around New York. In the modern era, Ubers are also a good option. But we understand if you want to embody a blockbuster movie and hail a cab.

    If you are looking for an authentic NYC experience, buying a metro card is your first stop. The transit system runs 24/7 and is a cheap, effective way around NYC. The subway is much quicker than being stuck in traffic and will surely make you feel like a local. Subway maps can be found online or ask for one from a booth attendant.

  • How to save in New York

    Want to save on food? Grab a meal from a street cart! Not only are they a NY staple, but they are delicious and cheap. Most importantly, avoid eating in Times Square or Midtown if you are looking to save on meals.

    Want some I <3 NY merch? Head to Chinatown for some of the best deals on the iconic NY merchandise. Added bonus, Chinatown is super cool.

    Lastly, when booking your stay, the closer you book to Times Square or Midtown, the more expensive. If you can find a hotel outside of those districts that are close to the subway, you can get a better price and get where you want to go in no time.

  • Things to know before visiting New York

    Did you know you can drink the tap water in NYC? Well, you can, and it's great to carry your own water bottle around with you to stay hydrated while you explore the concrete jungle.

    Traveling without data? It can be hard to know your directions in a new city, especially one as big as NYC. A helpful hack is to load your route on hotel wifi with Google Maps on your phone. Once the maps are loaded they will continue to direct you even without data.

    New York is a big city and pickpockets can happen. Wearing a fanny pack, or bag with a strap that crosses your body can help limit your risk when walking downtown.

Best of New York

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