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Flights + Hotels in Samana, Dominican Republic

If you're looking for a more quiet and secluded destination than Samana is the place for you. Renowned for its pristine beaches and natural wonders Samana is paradise in its own right. Home to natural wonders like limestone caves and dense forests in Los Haitises National Park, Samana is also a Humpback Whale haven, hosting thousands of whales during winter mating season.

To take advantage of Samana's resorts while saving money, you can bundle your hotel with Swoop Getaways.

Samana travel tips

  • How to get around Samana

    Taxis are generally the best way to get around Samana if you have excursions or activities outside of your resort or hotel. Make sure the taxis to call a licensed taxi service and look for taximeters to ensure you are getting good rates. Shuttles to and from the airport to your hotel can also be booked, check with your hotel to book these.

How to get to Samana, Dominican Republic