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Fly to Victoria, British Columbia

If you’re looking for mild weather in Canada your best bet is Victoria, where flowers bloom year-round! Located on Vancouver Island, it is known for an abundance of outdoor activities on land and sea, as well as a deep history as the capital of British Columbia and the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest. You can explore the beautiful buildings, diverse culture and delicious food in Victoria as well as the surrounding area on Vancouver Island.

Cheap flights to Victoria

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Victoria Parliament building
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Victoria travel tips

  • How to get around Victoria and to Vancouver

    Located on Western Canada's Vancouver Island, Victoria enjoys the mildest climate in the country and has more sunny days on the mainland than Vancouver. Make the most of the weather by taking part in some of the wide range of outdoor activities that Victoria has to offer, such as a harbour walk or whale watching. Note the historical architecture, double-decker buses, tea houses and formal gardens on your trips around the area, where it brings your back to the British origins of this city.

    Did you know you can get from downtown Victoria to Vancouver on public transit within four hours? Check out how here!

  • How to save money in Victoria, British Columbia

    If you want to take in the classic Victoria greenery, take a stroll through Beacon Hill Park! It’s free to enter and with 200 acres of park to explore, you could spend the whole day! There is also a café, a small petting zoo for kids and one of the tallest totem poles in the world in the park. 

    If you’re looking to explore the world-class breweries in Victoria, there are also some breweries that offer free tours (and maybe a sample if you’re lucky!). Or try your hand at beachcombing at one of the nearby beaches. 

  • Things to know before visiting Victoria, British Columbia

    Horticulturists, rejoice! Victoria is known around the world as the City of Gardens due to its ideal growing climate – they have been doing an annual flower count since the 1970s, and in 2018 they counted over 3.4 billion blooms! National Geographic also counts it as one of the best cold-water diving destinations due to the clarity of the water and diversity of marine life. You can also bet on seeing a whale if you keep your eyes peeled – the ocean surrounding Victoria is home to three pods of orca whales, which adds up to over 76 whales! 

Best of Victoria, British Columbia

Swoop | an orca whale chilling in the water in Victoria British Columbia

What to do in Victoria, British Columbia

Whether you’re looking to explore the great outdoors, eat some amazing food, or take it easy and relax, Victoria has something for everybody!
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