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Stowing $0.00 Emotional Baggage

At Swoop, our unbundled airfare means you can go your own way, customizing your travel from beginning to end, paying only for the Extras you need and nothing you don’t.

You can pay to pick your seat. Or add checked and carry-on baggage for a fee.

But don’t worry; emotional baggage is still free.

And it’s a good thing – because don’t we all have a bit more of that coming out of the pandemic? Especially while travelling, where we’re all a bit out of practice, it can be stressful at the best times, and air travel seems more emotionally charged than ever.

There is actually science behind the fact that air travel is especially emotional for people. The effect of altitude on emotion has been shown to make people experience feelings and emotional reactions more intensely at 35,000 feet. It also makes people order more tomato juice but that’s a different fun fact.

Basically, everyone’s on their own journey, so it’s important to try to have compassion for yourself and everyone you meet.

$0.00 Emotional Baggage

Here are some tips and tricks for feeling good at 35,000 feet

Blocking out the noise

Ear plugs can be really helpful if you find yourself feeling over-stimulated or irritated by surrounding noises. Fully charged ear buds or head phones and your favourite dance mix are another good option.

Zero tolerance

Swoop values inclusivity and psychological safety for all. We have a zero-tolerance policy related to profanity, abuse, cyber-bullying, bigotry, racism, sexism, ageism, hetero-sexism (homophobia), ableism, ethnocentrism, cisgenderism (transphobia), religious imperialism and hate speech of any kind.

Exercise Patience

If at any point you notice yourself getting a little unusually emotional, remain calm, it might just be the altitude affecting your attitude. We feel things a little EXTRA at 35,000 feet, so be patient and kind with yourself, and everyone you meet.

Take a deep breath

If you found yourself rushing to get here today or feel like you’ve been rushing your whole life, take a deep breath. There’s nothing YOU need to do at 35,000 feet, and we’re all going to get there at the same time, so just sit back on the 29-30" pitch seat and relax.

Talk to our friendly Inflight Crew

We know relaxing may be easier said than done, especially if you’re someone with a fear of flying. But don’t worry, you’re not alone, if you’re a fearful flier, feel free to introduce yourself to your nearest Inflight team member, we’ve got your back.

Keeping it chill in the chat

Learn more about Swoop’s social rules of engagement here.