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Travel Insurance

You have enough to worry about on your trip, let us worry about everything else. Stay safe and get covered with Chubb Insurance so you can get to your destination without any unforeseen costs.

Please note that the Chubb flight and baggage insurance policy does not cover trip cancellations or interruptions related to epidemics and pandemics, including COVID-19. This means Chubb will not cover claims relating to any inability to travel, any decision not to travel, or any changes to or interruption in travel plans, nor any expense incurred as a result of COVID-19. To learn more about the Policy’s terms and conditions, please click here.

Purchasing Insurance

Travel insurance is available to purchase for all travellers either at time of initial booking or through Manage my bookings.

Changing your travel plans

If you purchased insurance and then changed your plans, please contact Chubb with your revised travel information at 1-866-573-5375 to ensure you are covered. Your safety and security is our top priority.

Canceling Insurance

You may cancel your policy for a full refund within 10 days of purchase provided it is prior to your scheduled flight and a claim has not been incurred. After this 10-day period, the policy is non-refundable.

What is covered?

  • Flight Cancellation

    Expenses resulting from you cancelling your flight, the change fee, and fare difference if you choose to reschedule your flight.

  • Trip Interruption

    Provides cost of one-way economy air and/or ground transportation ticket if a trip is interrupted.

  • Flight Delay

    Costs of travel, lodging and meals if your scheduled flight is delayed more than 6 hours.

  • Lost or Stolen Baggage and Baggage Delay

    Helps you in the event of lost, stolen or damaged baggage. Coverage for baggage delay that is at least 24 hours after your scheduled flight.

Chubb insurance policy

Visit here to see the full details of the insurance policy.

Learn more

Steps to make a claim

1. Call

Contact Crawford at their toll free telephone number at 1.855.897.8512.

2. Submit

Appropriate forms will be sent and the claimant must complete it for assessment. Doctors may charge a fee to complete certain forms and the claimant is responsible for such fees.

3. Wait

Send the completed forms to Chubb and wait for an assessment to be finished.

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National Claims Management Centre

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Mississauga, ON L5R 4H1

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