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Onboard Experience

Time flies when you're having fun.

Travelling is exciting, and we think that flying can be too! Get the most out of your flying experience with onboard options. Looking for a snack, Wi-Fi or extra legroom? We've got you covered.

Onboard Options

Swoop | a picture of our onboard food and beverage menu. A can of canadian molson beer and sour cream pringles in abbotsford.

Food and Beverage Menu

Treat yourself, because calories shouldn't count at this altitude.

Onboard menu

Swoop | A male and female onboard a Swoop airplane in London, Ontario. The male is using a tablet

Onboard Wi-Fi

Need to do some work before the fun begins? Don't fear, we have inflight internet passes for purchase.

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Swoop | a picture of the interior of an swoop plane in edmonton

Seat upgrades

Need to stretch your legs? It's never too late to upgrade or change seats.

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Don't get hangry

We offer a selection of deli style snacks and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages to drive away that hanger with our onboard options. See for yourself, and remember to bring your credit card, as debit and cash is not accepted onboard.

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Need a receipt?

Your receipts will be accessible immediately. Please note, the website requires the cardholders name, last four digits of the payment card, departure city for the reservation, and the date of travel.

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