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Our Fleet

Are you checking us out?

For more FAQs on our Boeing 737 MAX visit here.

A few quick facts about our Swoop aircraft.

  • Fuel Efficient

    The Boeing 737 is the most environmentally friendly model in its class in terms of fuel consumption and noise control. Thanks to its ultramodern computer technology and GPS, this model of aircraft is navigated with great precision and fuel economy.

  • Fully Adjustable Headrest

    It goes up, down, flaps, and folds. Our fully adjustable headrests are there to support you when your eyes are tired, and you can’t keep your head up.

  • Inflight WiFi

    We know Canada is HUGE, and flights can be long. Now you can always stay connected for work or play with our inflight WiFi packages.*

  • In-Seat Power

    Feel the POWER!! With all of our seats equipped with 110-volt AC charging ports, you can keep your entertainment and work devices powered up.*

  • Extra Legroom Seats

    39 seats with extra legroom to fully relax and stretch out. (Not currently available on the MAX) Full pricing and details here.

  • Comfortable Leather Seats

    Awhhh yeah!

  • Quieter Engines

    …What did you say?

  • Fresh Air

    Our modern air filters keep the air clean, fresh and bacteria-free!

  • *Not currently offered on the Boeing 737 MAX

Now let’s get to the geeky stuff!

Our fleet is made up of the modern Boeing 737-800 Next Generation series. Our 737-800 NG series aircraft are equipped with Blended Winglet Technology by Aviation Partners Boeing which improves the 737's aerodynamic performance and handling characteristics, boosts operational flight range and reduces fuel burn by up to four per cent.

Our 737-800 NG aircraft have 39 extra legroom seats (34-38 in. seat pitch). You can select these seats when booking your flight online. (More Info)

The 737-800 NG series has a single lavatory at the front and two at the back. There are galleys at both the front and back of the aircraft.

All the Specs

Boeing 737-800

189 seats

GE/Snecma CFM56-7B, 27,300 lb.

29-30 in.

34-38 in.

530 mph/850 kph/460 kts

41, 000 ft./12,500 m

3,521 mi./5,667 km

112 ft. 7 in./34.3m

129 ft. 6 in./39.5m

41 ft. 2 in./12.5m

48 in. width / 51 in. tall

48 in. wide / 48 in. tall

Boeing 737-MAX

189 seats


29-30 in

38 in

850 kph/530 mph/460 kts

41, 000 ft./12,500 m

4,045 mi./6,510 km

117 ft 10 in/35.9 m

116 ft 8 in/35.6 m

40 ft 4 in/12.3 m

48 in wide / 48 in tall