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Happy April Fools

It’s been fun, but we have to come clean. Recline for a Dime™ was sadly just an April fools prank. You will be able to recline the regular reclining about which is fully included in your fare at no additional charge.

What is not a prank though is our ultra-low fares that we offer everyday!

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Introducing, Recline for a Dime™

Just when you thought we couldn’t make flying any cheaper, we’ve come up with something that really makes cents…10 cents to be exact. Introducing, Recline for a Dime - our newest in-flight innovation that truly has your back. Just pay a dime for 10 degrees of recline. That means for only nine easy payments of 10 cents, you can introduce your caboose to our new luxury lie-flat feature.

We’ve cut the cost of reclining from your fare, because why should you pay for something you might not use! It’s just one more way we’re passing the savings onto you and making it easier than ever to customize your travel experience to be just right.

Recline for a Dime™. Just another Swoop product innovation that will CHANGE your flying experience for life. Tell your friends and spread the word on social to receive your first 10 degrees of recline on us. That’s 10 cents of savings so that you can do more at your destination.

Recline for a Dime™ Terms of Use

Swoop is not responsible for bruised knees, broken laptops or spilled beverages. It’s advised to use the flatter than-flat feature for no more than 1 hour at a time. If lightheadedness occurs be sure to return back to regular lie-flat position. To protect your space from aggressive recliners, splurge on our 5 degrees of freedom program that prevents seats from reclining straight into your face. For an additional $5 fee, choose the Rock-a-Fly-Baby™ feature to be gently rocked to sleep. Warm milk sold separately.

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