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Affordable flights from Abbotsford to Los Cabos

Sunny Los Cabos is a resort area on the southernmost tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. The region has two parts: Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. These two tow;.ns are on either side of The Corridor, a 20-mile (32-km) highway surrounded by top-class resorts and beautiful golf courses. Drive along the Corridor to Cabo San Lucas and spend a couple of days at the Marina Cabo San Lucas for a luxurious spa weekend. Book a whale-watching cruise, charter a luxury yacht, or eat shrimp tacos before dancing all night long. Return to San José del Cabo in time to get a glimpse of Mexico, walk the cobblestone streets and visit art galleries and museums.

Book low cost flights to Los Cabos directly with Swoop, Canada's ultra-low fare airline. We make travel affordable, easy and accessible so you can spend less on the journey and more at your destination.

Everyday flight deals from Winnipeg to Los Cabos

Book low cost flights to Abbotsford directly with Swoop, Canada's ultra-low fare airline. We make travel affordable, easy and accessible so you can spend less on the journey and more at your destination.

A Los Cabos beach view with bright blue water and towering sideside cliffs with two people kayaking.
Abbotsford to Los Cabos

One-way fares from

$ 109

Los Cabos travel tips

  • How to get around Los Cabos

    Stepping out from the Los Cabos Airport, there are a couple of options to travel from the airport to downtown. Hotels have shuttles from the airport however, some make multiple stops at different hotels or won’t depart until the shuttle is full; Other options include privately booking a major shuttle bus company like Autotransportes Aguila. Don’t like sharing? Hire a taxi with Los Cabos Airport Taxi service ahead of time to avoid fees using other taxi services. Ball out with VIP transportation with luxury suburban vehicles and limousines. For more information visit Los Cabos Airport’s website

  • How to save money in Los Cabos

    Make sure to exchange your currency to pesos before visiting Mexico. Often if you purchase something in U.S. dollars, you’ll receive Pesos back at a bad conversion rate. You can also take a bus instead of a taxi to save money to travel between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, many of the buses are modernized and have air conditioning.

  • Things to know before visiting Los Cabos

    There are three main areas in Los Cabos to visit, San Jose Del Cabo, The Corridor and Cabo San Lucas. Also referred to as “Land’s End” or “The Arch”, and where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Not all beaches are swimmable, but Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach are two very popular and safe beaches to swim in. Pack your best swimsuit, flip flops, sunscreen and that cute little sun hat, and expect nothing less than awesome in Los Cabos.

Best of Los Cabos, Mexico

Swoop | a picture of a beach in Los Cabos, Mexico during sunset

5 things to do in Los Cabos that will make your trip exceptional

Swoop now flies to Los Cabos! This spot has everything you need to have the amazing adventure trip you’ve always wanted. Here are a few hot options for you.
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