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Flights from Abbotsford to Mazatlan

You won't regret visiting Mazatlán and soaking in the culture, sun, and ocean air. Want to see a breathtaking sunset and beautiful scenery? El Mirador will give you insta-worthy pictures that will quickly fill your picture gallery. At this destination, there's a wonderful variety of stuff to do. Spending time at its busy marketplaces is a wonderful way to experience the culture of a region. Browse the goods and shops at Jose Maria Pino Suarez Municipal Market like local do. Do you still have time to spare? The Immaculate Conception Cathedral is a renowned religious structure used as a place of public worship and personal prayer times.

Everyday low-fares from Abbotsford to Mazatlan

Book everyday low-fares to Mazatlan directly with Swoop, Canada's ultra-low fare airline. We make travel affordable, easy and accessible so you can spend less on the journey and more at your destination.

The beautiful, tropical and sunny Mazatlan, Mexico coastline
Abbotsford to Mazatlan

One-way fares from

$ 99

Top travel tips

  • How to get around Mazatlán

    To get into town from the airport, you can grab a taxi or rent a car. There is an authorized taxi or van services available, ATAMSA (cash only). Taxi fare are based on an zone system, vehicle type and number of people. At the taxi kiosk, passengers can purchase tickets. There are also seven (7) car rental companies available. Some hotels have their own airport transportation, make sure to check with your hotel! For more information on ground transportation at Mazatlán International Airport, click here.

  • How to save in Mazatlán

    Save money and stay hydrated in the hot sunny weather by buying bottles of water at the corner store nearest you. Tourist spots tend to overcharge for water so plan ahead and BYOW (bring your own water).

  • Things to know before visiting Mazatlán

    Mazatlán is in the state of Sinaloa and their license plate has a large red tomato in the middle to represent the massive amounts of tomatoes that is produced yearly in Sinaloa. Make sure to try out some of the freshest salsas while you're there!

Best of Mazatlan, Mexico

Swoop | a picture of a female walking on a boardwalk on top of the ocean in Mazatlan Mexico

5 of the best hotels in Mazatlan Mexico

Enjoy some fun in the sun and sand while staying at a hotel you'll love. Here are the five best hotels to stay at while vacationing in Mazatlan Mexico.
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