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Affordable flights from Deer Lake to Hamilton

In Hamilton's city centre, there are 100 waterfalls within minutes, hence the title world capital for waterfalls. The boom in arts and culture include a selection of plays and the third-largest public art gallery in Ontario. The African Lion Safari Park is an attraction you should not miss, as you can drive through 750-acre of wildlife park. It is also a short journey to Lake Ontario by bus, train or bus, from endless shopping and dining to world-class concerts and sports events, to everything in between.

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Waterfall near Hamilton, Ontario
Deer Lake to Hamilton

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$ 59

Deer Lake travel tips

  • How to get around Hamilton and get to Toronto

    There are lots of options for getting around in Hamilton. You can take the local city bus, also known as the HSR. You can pick up a SoBi Bike from one of 120 hubs in the city or take a cab or ride share. Click here for more details on getting around Hamilton.

    If you want to visit Toronto, there are many ways to get into the big city from Hamilton. You can catch a GO Bus or Train from Hamilton's downtown GO Station, which is a 20-minute drive from the airport, and both the bus and the train will drop you off right downtown at Union Station, in the heart of Toronto.

    If you're looking for more freedom and flexibility, Swoop has great deals on car rentals. You can pick up right at the Hamilton airport and from there, it's approximately 1 hour into downtown Toronto – just be sure to check the traffic report first, and make sure you've got access to parking at your end location!

  • How to save money in Hamilton

    There are plenty of free walking tours available in Hamilton with a variety of different areas you can visit and learn about! You can find one of these free tours here.

  • Things to know before visiting Hamilton

    Hamilton is a hub of Canadian comedy - Canadian comedy legends Eugene Levy, Ivan Reitman, Martin Short, and Dave Thomas all come from Hamilton.

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