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Affordable flights from Toronto to Deer Lake

Head to the west coast of Newfoundland and Labrador and experience everything that Deer Lake has to offer. Flying into Deer Lake is just the beginning of your adventure as it provides access to the Northern Peninsula and Labrador, Eastern and Western Newfoundland, plus if that’s not enough, its known as the Snowmobile Hub of Newfoundland. With an array of activities for just about anyone – you’ll want to bring your camera to this picturesque town!

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Yellow and green fall trees reflecting on a crystal clear lake in Deer Lake.
Toronto to Deer Lake

One-way fares from

$ 79

Deer Lake travel tips

  • How to get around in Deer Lake

    After arriving at Deer Lake Regional Airport (located just outside of town), pick up a rental car – or better - an RV, and start your explorations of the ponds, forests and mountains in the area! Plan out your adventure and head south to Corner Brook and Marble Mountain Ski Resort (less than a half hours’ drive from Deer Lake), or for a longer road-trip, drive to the east to explore the City of St. John’s. With over 29,000 KMS of shoreline, it’s an Instagram-able day for trails, forests, parks and historic sites, but once you get the lay of the land, you’ll have no issues finding your way around! While there are 2 parts to the province, Newfoundland is the island, where Labrador shares a border with Quebec on the mainland of Canada. You can however connect between the two via a flight, or a ferry across the Straight of Belle Isle. If you do plan to drive around the province, be extremely cautious as there are over 120,000 moose in the area.

  • How to save money in Deer Lake

    Skip the hotels and save money by staying at one of the many Airbnb’s available in the area. The secret to Deer Lake though is to plan ahead in order to save money. Book as much in advance as possible and plan your itinerary as demand is very high for car rentals, accommodations, and ferry services during peak season.

  • Things to know before visiting Deer Lake

    Deer Lake is home to the largest butterfly gardens in eastern North America. A huge and picturesque lake lies just south of it. The town was established int eh mid-20th century as a paper mill work camp, and now home to 5,000 people! Take advantage and immerse yourself in all the history the town has to offer. Last but not least, kissing the cod, a tradition home to Newfoundland. On occasion, visitors must ‘kiss the cod’ paying homage to the historic fishing industry. Often times, this is done on local guided tours, events or visitor centers!

Best of Deer Lake

Deer Lake A Hidden Gem

Deer Lake is home to some of the most natural and rugged beauty in Canada. With no shortage of things to do here are our top 5 must-do activities in Deer Lake.
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