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Affordable flights from Toronto to Saint John, New Brunswick

Did you know that John, New Brunswick is the only city located right on the Bay of Fundy? It was also the first city to incorporate in Canada in 1785. Talk about an interesting place to explore! Travel to this historically rich and abundantly beautiful location with Swoop. Explore the Reversing Rapids, a phenomenon caused by bay tides colliding with the Saint John River. Hike the nature trails of Rockwood Park , offering 2,200 acres of natural beauty, ten lakes and 55 trails and footpaths. Visit Saint John to take in the rich history, architecture, and cultural experiences. Enjoy its profound natural beauty and attractions and plan for a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

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Saint John to Toronto

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Saint John, New Brunswick travel tips

  • How to get around Saint John

    You can easily travel to Saint John by car, bus, and/or boat. The Maritime Bus runs to Saint John from Moncton or Fredericton. There is no passenger train from the airport, but the Via Rail serves Moncton from which a two-hour bus ride reaches St. John. The cheapest way from Saint John's airport to downtown is by bus. Hop bus Number 14 from Saint John's airport to city center leaving from every hour starting from 7 am until 10 pm. Saint John also boasts cruise ships entering the city's dock regularly, should you be visiting that way.

    Saint John Transit buses are available from approximately 6 AM to midnight for public transport within the city. Schedules and fares are available on the buses and information booths throughout the city. For pricier options ride sharing and taxis are also available. Renting a car will also enable you to cover more ground and is recommended.

  • How to save money in Saint John

    If you're looking for an inexpensive place to stay, try Manawagonish Road. This strip of affordable accommodations sits less than 5 miles southwest of downtown Saint John and offers both affordable rates and excellent views of the Bay of Fundy.

    With all its natural beauty, St. John offers plenty of free stunning parks to take in. Take a scenic walk at Irving Nature Park, Rockwood Park, or Reversing Falls Rapids.

    For cheap eats explore some of the local bakeries or cafes - some have traditional fish cakes for under five bucks. Grab a coffee at the Rocket Bakery on Water Street for a pick-me-up before your next sightseeing adventure.

  • Things to know before you travel to Saint John

    Like many places in Canada, Saint John experiences colder weather November through March, and then by April to October you can experience warmer temperatures. Plan your wardrobe according to which season you will visit.

    Thinking about visiting the Reversing Falls Rapids? You can view this phenomenon twice daily from Fallsview Park. Prefer an overhead view? Visit the cliff top on Bridge Road. Be sure to check the visitor information office for tide times. You can even venture out on a Skywalk for the best possible view - tickets are valid all day!

Best of Saint John, New Brunswick

Saint John, NB white title on lake and tree mountains

Top three things to do in Saint John, New Brunswick

Saint John New Brunswick has a lot to offer visitors. Whether you're looking to deep dive into history or revel in exquisite nature you'll find it in Saint John.
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