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Seat Selection

Not all seats are equal. Only pay what it’s worth.

It’s your flight to customize. With seat selections starting from only $6, it’s easy to create your journey exactly the way you want it. You get to create your journey, your way.

Choose at time of booking to save up to 50%

Get the best price

Best prices are available when you make your online booking.

group of people

Keep the group together

Guarantee you sit together by selecting your seats. If you wait, seats will be randomly assigned at check-in if you don’t select one.

Choose where you sit

You can sit front, back, aisle or window. Whatever suits you best.

Extra Legroom

  • – 4-6 extra inches

  • – Laptop friendly

  • – Stretch out, relax

  • – Buy early. They sell fast!

4” – 6” of extra space

How to choose your seat

At Booking

Choose your seat when booking to save, and to get the best selection.

Before Check-in

Select your seat when you check-in up to 24 hours before your flight.

At Check-in

Select your seat up to 1 hour before flight departure.

Don't Choose

You will be randomly assigned a seat at check-in if you do not purchase one.

Which type of traveller are you?

A boy plays with his toy plane sitting in the window seat of a plane.

The Adventurer

You love to sit in the window seat so you can dream about your next big adventure.

A woman stretches in her aisle seat.

The Free Spirit

The extra legroom seats are a must, allowing you to stretch your legs and be completely free.

A young girl naps with her teddy bear in the middle seat.

The Dreamer

The middle seat is just fine. The minute the plane takes off, you pull your eye mask down and take off to a land of zzz's.

A mother is sitting in the aisle seat with her small child on her lap.

The Wanderer

You sit in the aisle seat so you can wander around the plane at any time.

Short Distance (0-900 miles)


Standard Seats

Extra Legroom Seats

At Booking

From $5.25

From $10.50

After Booking

From $10.50

From $21.00

Long Distance (Over 900 miles)


Standard Seats

Extra Legroom Seats

At Booking

From $10.50

From $15.75

After Booking

From $15.75

From $26.25

Prices vary depending on applicable taxes. All seat fees are non-refundable.