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Seat Selection

Not all seats are equal. Only pay what it’s worth.

It’s your flight to customize. With seat selections starting from only $10, it’s easy to create your journey exactly the way you want it. You get to create your journey, your way.

Keep the group together

Guarantee the group sits together by purchasing your seats.

Choose where you sit

You can sit front, back, aisle or window. Whatever suits you best.

Extra legroom available

These seats are limited, so purchase now and stretch your legs.

Note: If you don't purchase a seat before your departure, you will randomly be assigned a seat during check-in. To guarantee your party sits together, make sure you purchase your seats at time of booking or through manage my booking.

If you are travelling with children under 14 years old, for any adult who purchases their seat in the family zone, children will get to select their seat for free.  If no seats are selected, we'll do our best to seat your group together at check-in for no additional charge. 

Extra Legroom

  • Four to six more inches than a standard seat.

  • Plug in and play on your laptop.

  • First to get inflight service.

  • Early to get off the aircraft.

  • Stretch out. Snooze. Repeat.

More space for your snacks, snuggles, or selfies.
More space for your snacks, snuggles, or selfies.

How to choose your seat

Initial booking

Choose your seat during initial booking to get the best selection.

Book now

Manage booking

Already booked your flight? You can purchase a seat anytime before check-in opens.

Manage my booking

During check-in

Select your seat from 24 hours to one hour before you fly.

Check in now

Don't choose

You will be randomly assigned a seat after check-in if you do not purchase one.

Which type of traveller are you?

A boy plays with his toy plane sitting in the window seat of a plane.

The Adventurer

You love to sit in the window seat so you can dream about your next big adventure.

A woman stretches in her aisle seat.

The Free Spirit

The extra legroom seats are a must, allowing you to stretch your legs and be completely free.

A young girl naps with her teddy bear in the middle seat.

The Dreamer

The middle seat is just fine. The minute the aircraft takes off, you pull your eye mask down and take off to a land of zzz's.

A mother is sitting in the aisle seat with her small child on her lap.

The Wanderer

You sit in the aisle seat so you can wander around the aircraft at any time.

Seat pricing table

Short Distance
(less than 1000 km)

From $15†

From $10†

From $40†

From $25†

From $20†

Medium Distance
(1000 km to 3000 km)

From $20†

From $15†

From $45†

From $30†

From $25†

Long Distance
(over 3000 km)

From $25†

From $20†

From $50†

From $35†

From $30†

†Prices are shown in CAD. For all flights originating from the U.S, prices will be reflected in USD when booking. Prices vary depending on the day of departure and will vary depending on applicable taxes and flight destination. All seat fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. For bookings made prior to October 9, 2019, please refer to the tariff for previous seat rates. Swoop reserves the right to discount seat fees on occasion. For flight distances, please click here. Seat fees will increase by $2 for travel during peak summer season of June 29,2023 – September 4, 2023 and the peak winter season of December 15,2023 – January 3, 2024.

†For information on special family seating rules and free seats for children under 14 years old travelling with an adult, click here.

†Please note that the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft does not offer extra legroom at this time