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Canadian flight and service disruptions


Swoop will make every effort to return mishandled baggage as soon as possible. We will also provide compensation for reasonable expenses related to delayed delivery, and reimbursing travellers for any fee to transport a lost bag (please see Coverage). You can also review our domestic tariff, specifically rule 120 (Limitation of Liability) for more information. 


Swoop's limitation of liability as a result of damage or loss is including incidental expenses up to 1,131 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) per traveller/per bag (approximately $2,100 CAD). Our team requires your assistance in determining the value of your goods, and once an agreement is reached, the value will be provided to you. In the event that a bag is lost, you will be reimbursed for your baggage fee in addition to settlement for the loss of baggage. 

You can also review our domestic tariff, rule 120 (Limitation of Liability) for more information. 

Delayed baggage 

While we do our best to make sure that you and your baggage arrive together, there are times when baggage may be delayed. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, please take note of the following: 

Delayed baggage must be reported to Swoop within 21 days of your flight's arrival. 

A Swoop representative will create a delayed baggage report for you. You'll be asked for your contact information and a description of your baggage and its contents to assist in the search. 

Once this report has been completed, a Swoop representative will advise you of the next steps. 

If your baggage is not recovered in five days, our Central Baggage team will take over the search. 

For flights within the Americas, you will be reimbursed up to $100 CAD/USD for the first 48 hours while your bags are delayed. After 48 hours, you will be authorized to be reimbursed a further $150 to a total of $250. You must submit receipts to be eligible for reimbursement of incidental expenses. This does not limit or reduce the passenger's right to claim damages, if any, under the applicable convention or under the law. 

For all flights, if after 21 days your baggage is still not found, you will be reimbursed up to the equivalent of 1131 special drawing rights (approximately $2,100 CAD depending on currency fluctuations) in replacement value for your baggage. 

For more information, please visit our delayed, damage and/or missing baggage page. You can also review our domestic tariff, rule 120 (Limitation of Liability) for more information. 

Damaged baggage 

Please see our domestic tariff for details on rule 120 (Limitation of Liability) for more information. You can also visit our delayed, damage and/or missing baggage page. 

Delays, cancellations and schedule changes 

We know that any type of interruption to your schedule can be challenging and inconvenient. To minimize any inconvenience, we will do our best to keep you informed, and get you on your way as quickly and safely as possible. 

We are pleased to let you know that Swoop will never intentionally overbook flights, a common practice in the airline industry. However, there may be times where substitutions of aircraft or seat configuration changes within aircraft may occur because of operational changes. This may result in larger aircraft being used for your flight, or smaller. Either way, we will ensure your experience and the effect on your travel is minimized. 

Communicating delays and cancellations 

We will attempt to notify you as soon as possible in the event of any flight delays or cancellations, in order to mitigate inconveniences that result from these flight interruptions. When we communicate any delay or cancellation, we will give you the reason for the delay, length of the delay and possible re-accommodation options, when applicable. 

The following are various ways you can stay informed on potential changes to your trips. 

Before you arrive at the airport: 

  • Via email, as long as you have provided Swoop with your email address. Otherwise, we will not be able to send you email notifications about your flight status or itinerary. 

At the airport: 

  • during check-in; 

  • by the departure and arrival screens located throughout airport terminals; 

  • announcements at the airport; 

  • updates will be provided every 30 minutes until a new departure time has been confirmed or alternative travel arrangements have been made.  New status information will be provided sooner than 30 minutes after the last update if applicable and feasible.  

On the aircraft:

  • announcements every 30 minutes (when safe for our pilots to do so).

We strongly recommend that you ensure you provide us with an email address, or current phone number. 

You can also review our domestic tariff, specifically rule 90: (Schedule Irregularities). 

Delays, cancellations and compensation 

There may be instances where your Swoop flight may be delayed or cancelled due to reasons outside our control: uncontrollable reasons (e.g. inclement weather, medical emergencies, air traffic control, airport ground delays, bird/lightning strikes, airport facility issues, security issues, or unruly passengers, etc.) or for reasons within our control: controllable (e.g. mechanical issues, IT system failures). 

Some delays may require Swoop to re-accommodate you to another flight to minimize the impact to your arrival time. If your flight is cancelled, we will re-accommodate you on to the next available Swoop flight. For circumstances where our re-accommodation options do not meet your needs, we will do our best to offer you other options available to help you get on your way. 

Uncontrollable (outside of Swoop’s control) delays or cancellations 

In the event that something happens outside of Swoop’s control, we will provide you with alternate options (if required) to accommodate you. 

  • Attempt to rebook you for no additional charge on the next available Swoop flight. 

  • Changes to flights outside of the option above could result in you paying the difference in fare(s) and/or applicable change fee(s). 

  • If an appropriate flight accommodation option is not available on a Swoop operated flight, we will rebook you on the next available flight operated by an airline that Swoop has a commercial agreement with, if circumstances permit.

Swoop does not issue a travel voucher, pay for ground transportation or pay for tickets with an alternate airline. 

Controllable delays or cancellations, but required for safety purposes 

  • Food and drink vouchers will be provided for disruptions over two hours or a hotel voucher if the delay is expected to extend overnight.

  • For disruptions over three hours, you will receive a full refund of your Swoop itinerary, or be rebooked on the next Swoop flight or on a flight operated by a carrier with which Swoop carrier has a commercial agreement if requested.

Controllable (within Swoop’s control) delays or cancellations 

  • Food and drink vouchers will be provided for disruptions over two hours or hotel voucher if the delay is expected to extend overnight. 

  • For disruptions over three hours, you will receive a full refund of your Swoop itinerary, or be rebooked on the next Swoop flight or on a flight operated by a carrier with which Swoop carrier has a commercial agreement, if requested. 

  • If the next rebooking does not meet your travel needs, you will be entitled to a full refund of your Swoop ticket, as well as compensation for the inconvenience if requested. Compensation amounts are per traveller and will be based on the length of delay to arrival at the destination indicated on the original ticket

    • Delays of 3-6 hours a minimum of $125 will be provided.

    • Delays of 6-9 hours a minimum of $250 will be provided.

    • Delays of 9+ hours a minimum of $500 will be provided.

Services provided during controllable delays or cancellations 

In the event that your flight encounters a controllable delay or is cancelled, Swoop will – depending on the situation - provide certain services to eligible, confirmed travellers. These services may include providing meal vouchers and hotel accommodation (when required) until your new Swoop flight (time) departs. We will ensure that we assist any traveller with special needs accordingly. 

Swoop will offer: 

  • Meal vouchers for any posted or estimated departure delay of two (2) or more hours up to a maximum of three (3) meal vouchers per day. 

  • A hotel voucher, one (1) meal voucher and airport transfers if your delay is expected to extend overnight and you did not start your air travel at that airport.

  • In circumstances where you may already be on the aircraft, if a delay occurs, and it is safe, practical and there is adequate time to do so, we will offer drinks and snacks (with the exception of alcohol) for purchase onboard.  Complimentary water and snacks will be provided for any tarmac delay longer than 90 minutes. 

Tarmac Delays 

A tarmac delay is when you are on the aircraft and it has pulled away from the gate to get ready for takeoff or has just landed and the doors of the aircraft are still closed. In this circumstance, we will try to make you as comfortable as possible by doing the following: 

  1. We will provide you with access to the on board lavatories, heating/cooling, comfortable ventilation, and the ability to communicate with people outside of the aircraft at no cost. 

  2. Complimentary water and snack service will be provided for tarmac delays longer than 90 minutes. With safety as a top priority, snacks and drinks (with the exception of alcoholic drinks) will be available for purchase before 90 minutes.

  3. After a three-hour tarmac delay in Canada, the aircraft will return to the gate for you to disembark from the aircraft if it is safe to do so. If it is likely that the flight can take off within 45 additional minutes, the aircraft can stay on the tarmac and complimentary water and snacks will continue to be provided when feasible. This short 45-minute extension is to avoid the inconvenience of cancellation or further delay. 

For more details click here. 


Should you incur out-of-pocket expenses for a controllable flight delay or cancellation, you may submit a request to Swoop for reimbursement. Swoop will review requests for reasonable expenses that meet certain criteria and supporting, itemized receipts will be required. If approved, you will have the choice of receiving reimbursement via cheque or Swoop voucher. Our general guidelines are: 

Hotel costs: in situations where Swoop was unable to secure a hotel room, Swoop will reimburse reasonable accommodations. In-room movie costs, tips/gratuities and long-distance telephone charges will be excluded.

Meals: in the unlikely event meal vouchers mentioned above are not available during your controllable delay, we will reimburse you to a maximum of $30 CAD per day/per traveller. Alcoholic beverages and tips/gratuities will be excluded. 

Transportation: if transportation was not available by Swoop, we will reimburse the cost incurred for transportation between the airport and the hotel. 

Please note, Swoop does not reimburse expenses for cellular roaming charges, missed entertainment/sporting/excursion events, lost wages or missed connections to other airlines or cruises. 

These guidelines do not limit or reduce your right to claim damages, if any, under the applicable convention or under the law. 

For further detailed information please see rule 90: Schedule Irregularities of our domestic tariff. To submit a request, please visit our contact us page to get in touch with our Central Support Team Agents who will promptly review the request, and process it, if approved. 

Submitting a compensation request: 

If you have any questions, or if you think you're entitled to compensation, please submit a claim and someone from the Travel Support Team will contact you. 

Submit a claim

Schedule changes 

Changes to flights within three (3) days (72 hours) of departure are referred to as flight delays or cancellations. Schedule changes are adjustments to flight times and destinations which may apply to flights departing more than three (3) days (72 hours) prior to departure, including weeks or months in advance of departure. Unfortunately, even though we prefer not to make schedule changes, they do happen. Generally, schedule changes are made because of adjustments to air traffic routes, airport requests, construction at airport facilities, security constraints, market forces and so on. 

Should you experience a schedule change, Swoop will make every effort to contact you in a timely manner to advise you of a change. Email notification will contain information about your new flight itinerary and instructions on how to make a change or decline the new itinerary and request a refund. 

You can also review our domestic tariff, specifically rule 90: Schedule Irregularities for more information. 

Denied boarding 

We do not overbook our flights. However, in certain circumstances we may have to deny you boarding. 

Travellers will be: 

  • Re-accommodated on the next available flight when time permits, or; 

  • Asked to volunteer to be re-accommodated on another flight, in which case we will provide in writing the agreed to benefits prior to departure of the traveller’s flight;or 

  • Selected for re-accommodation based on time of check-in and identified passenger requirements (e.g. SSR codes, available re-accommodations) 

  • Issued a form of compensation acceptable to the passenger based on the duration of the passenger's delay; 

  • Swoop will inform travellers of the amount of cash compensation that would be due and that the passenger may decline travel vouchers and receive cash or equivalent; 

  • Under certain circumstances compensation may be offered to travellers who are denied boarding involuntarily.  If multiple passengers have been involuntarily denied boarding, the last to check in will be the first to be denied boarding.  

Please see our domestic tariff, rule 90: Schedule Irregularities for more information. 

Involuntary denied boarding compensation 

Travellers denied boarding for reasons outside Swoop’s control, like having improper identification, missing check-in cut off times, medical distress or intoxication, are not eligible for compensation.

If a traveller is denied boarding for a reason within Swoop’s control and not related to safety, the traveller may be entitled to compensation.

Travellers who are denied boarding involuntarily for reasons within Swoop’s control and not related to safety, may be entitled to compensation from Swoop.  A traveller’s compensation is based on the length of delay at arrival at their final destination.  Any travellers who are involuntarily denied boarding will be informed in writing the amount of cash/cash equivalent compensation that would be due.  For compensation amounts and exceptions to compensation eligibility, please see domestic tariff, rule 95.