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Swoop | Search and apply for jobs to become part of the Swoop team. Different is in our DNA. We are creators, dreamers and doers who are disrupting the air-travel landscape by making travel affordable, easy and accessible. Start your career at swoop today and apply now.



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Swoop | Stay in the Loop on all things swoop by following along at our Swoop Blog. Learn everything from how to take full advantage of the destinations we fly, to tips and tricks on how to save with when flying with us.


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Booking a Flight

Swoop | Find ultra-low fares, and save on travel like never before! With fares so low, we are making travel simple, affordable and accessible for everyone. Book your flight today.



Swoop is Canada's ULTRA-LOW FARE airline with a commitment to offering Canadians the lowest and cheapest airfares. With fares this cheap, spending all the savings on yourself can be a challenge. Check out our latest and cheapest travel enabling deals now!


Payment Options

Swoop | Find all the forms of payment that we accept on FlySwoop.com, through the Contact Centre, at the airport, or onboard our aircraft. Find all the rules and regulations around redeeming Swoop Credits and Swoop Vouchers.


Seat Selection

Swoop | Find all the seat selection information you need here. Our new, modern leather seats are waiting to take you on your next adventure. Not all seats are equal, so why not pay only what it's worth.


Swoop 101 - How it works

We are swooping in with cheap, ultra-low fares on air travel. Swoop is committed to giving travellers the lowest airfare option, so you can spend the savings on yourself. With a base price that starts with just a seat, we're creating à la carte service to put you in the driver seat.


Where We Fly, Destinations, Route Map

Swoop | A list of destinations that Swoop currently flies to. Hamilton, Abbotsford, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax. Popular routes: Abbotsford-Edmonton, Hamilton-Halifax, Winnipeg-Hamilton, Hamilton-Abbotsford, Hamilton-Edmonton.


Before you fly

Accessible Services

Swoop | We are here to help. If you need further assistance while travelling, you can find all these details here. You can find information on medical assistance, wheelchair and mobility aid access, service animals, allergies, visually or hearing impaired, medical equipment.


Baggage Information

Swoop | Find all the baggage and luggage information you need here. Save more than 40% by purchasing your bags and luggage online. Every traveler is allowed one free personal item, which must fit under the seat in front of you.


Check-in Online

Swoop | Check-in to your Swoop flight online up to 24 hours before your flight to retrieve your boarding pass. You can also choose your seat, add any extra bags or select advanced boarding.


Check-in Guide

Swoop | Check-in online up to 24 hours before your flight to save you time and save you money by purchasing your bags and seats before arriving at the airport. You can find information on all check-in suggested times, cut off times, and all other check-in policies.


Travelling with Family and Pets

Swoop | Find information about travelling with family and pets. Review Swoop's family and pet's travel policies to make the most of your family travels.


Manage my Booking

Swoop | Manage your booking. If you have already booked a flight, you can easily access your flight details, review flight status, and make changes to your booking.


Taxes and Fees

Swoop | Find all information related to the taxes and fees included in your booking, as well as information regarding tax receipts.


Flight information

Flight Interruptions

Swoop | Swoop flight interruptions


Flight status

Flight Status


Mobile App

Swoop | With the new Swoop app it might be time to throw away your laptop, now that you can do all things Swoop right from your mobile phone. With the Swoop app you can book trips, check-in, view your boarding pass, access inflight entertainment, and much more.


Our fleet

Everything you need to know about the Swoop fleet of fuel efficient, Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Swoop aircraft are equipped with inflight entertainment, in-seat power, comfortable leather seats, and fully adjustable headrests.



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Optional Fees

Swoop | Find and answer all of your questions about swoop fees and fee policies. Learn about Swoop's policies around cancelling a flight and optional purchase prices such as baggage, seat selection, and advanced boarding.


Privacy Policy

Swoop | Find our full Swoop privacy policy


Transborder Flight and Service Disruptions

Swoop | Find a list of all our policies related to any flight or service disruption within the United States. You can find information about our policies regarding schedule changes, flight cancellations, delayed/lost baggage, and more.


Canadian Flight and Service Disruptions

Swoop | Find a list of all our policies related to any flight or service disruption within Canada. You can find information about our policies regarding schedule changes, flight cancellations, delayed/lost baggage, and more.




Terms of Use

Swoop | Find and read our full Swoop Terms of Use