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Swoop's hurricane and storm promise

We know how frustrating and disappointing it is when a hurricane or tropical storm interrupt your much-deserved getaway. That's why we've tried to make it as easy as possible to re-accommodate your travel with the solutions below. Please contact us as early as you can to ensure we’re able to make the necessary changes. Hurricane/tropical storm travel advisories are issued based on information provided by the Canadian Hurricane Centre or the (American) National Hurricane Center.If your Swoop travel plans are impacted by a hurricane or storm, we encourage you to discuss your options with us as soon as possible by contacting us on social media.

If a hurricane/tropical storm travel advisory is issued for your origin or destination on your travel dates, you may select from the options outlined below.

BEFORE your trip starts

Swoop will waive the applicable change or cancellation fee(s), and you may:

  1. If we cancel your flight due to the Hurricane or Tropical Storm - we'll transfer the full amount paid into a Swoop credit valid for 90 days.

  2. Change your travel dates (subject to availability) origin and destination.

    • Choose an earlier date, or a date up to and including 14 days after the original departure date and we'll waive any difference in fare.

    • Choose a date of 15 days or more after your original departure date and normal exchange and refund guidelines will apply.

    • Ancillaries will transfer.

AFTER your trip starts

Swoop will waive the applicable change or cancellation fee, and you may:

  1. Return early - subject to availability. Ancillaries will transfer.

  2. Cancel your reservation - we'll put the unused value of your reservation into a Swoop credit valid for 90 days. Ancillaries do not transfer.

  3. Continue travelling at your own risk. If you choose to continue travelling after an advisory has been issued you are not eligible for compensation, a credit or refund of any kind.