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Take me to...Mazatlan, Mexico

Let us take you on an adventure around Mazatlan.  

Walk around the Basilica Cathedral of Mazatlan where you can see a Baroque-Revival style temple. Inside you'll find checkered floors and domes highlighted in gold.

For dinner, make sure to have a reservation right by the beach! Local Chefs cook a seafood feast in front of your eyes right by the beautiful waters on the sandy beach.

It's no secret that Mexico is notorious for the production of high quality tequila. Take a tour of the 130-year old Los Osuna distillery and learn the process of making tequila from harvesting the agave plant to tasting their different products.

Take a boat tour with El Cid resorts, whether it's the Sunset Tour or the Whale Watching Tour, it will be worth your while.

Take a hike up to the El Faro Lighthouse for a spectacular view of Mazatlan from the top. Catch the breathtaking sunset by yourself or with your favourite person.

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Swoop | a picture of the insides of the Basilica Cathedral of Mazatlan

Basilica Cathedral of Mazatlan

Swoop | a picture of three chefs by the beach making dinner in mazatlan mexico

Dinner by the beach

Swoop | a picture of mazatlan from el faro lighthouse during sunset in mexico

El Faro Lighthouse

Swoop | a picture of three tequila bottles from los osuna distillery in mazatlan sinaloa mexico

Los Osuna distillery