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Take me to...Orlando, Florida

Let us take you on an adventure around Orlando.

Orlando has many other activities to do besides going to the infamous Disney World and Universal Orlando.

Rent a jet ski with Buena Vista Watersports and ride across the 450 acre Lake Bryan a spring-fed lake surrounded by beautiful trees Key West styled. There are other watersports available to rent such as wakeboard, waterski, tubes, pontoons, paddle boards and kayaks.

Visit Disney Springs, a 120-acre themed shopping district with many activities, dining options and entertainment. Take a guided tour of Lake Buena Vista on a restore vintage Amphicar - an amphibious vehicle that can float on water and drive on land.

An hour away from central Orlando is the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Cape Canaveral. Experience and train like an astronaut, pretend to travel to Mars to live and work for the day, or walk around and check out the actual space shuttle Atlantis right outside!

Zip line across many alligators and crocodiles in Gatorland with five zip lines with different launch pads. Also participate in Adventure Hours and feed giant hungry gators just a few feet in front of you!

An hour drive east of Orlando, along the Space Coast, you will arrive at the iconic Cocoa Beach. Find yourself sunbathing on the beach, learn how to surf and ride a calm wave, or walk the 800 feet boardwalk by the pier.

Swing around 450 feet above the ground on the Starflyer to get the best morning or night view of the city

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Swoop | a picture of the amphicar at disney springs in florida orlando

Disney Springs

Swoop | a picture of a person feeding a lot of alligators in Gatorland Orlando Florida


Swoop | a person visiting the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, looking at the Atlantis shuttle in orlando florida

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Swoop | a person riding on the starflyer in orlando florida in the sky during sunset