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Take me to...Winnipeg, Manitoba

Let us take you on an adventure around Winnipeg.  

At the intersection of the Assiniboine and Red River is an area called The Forks. That's where you will find the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The architectural feat represents the ongoing fight to achieve human rights for everyone. Open up your knowledge with human rights stories from Canada and around the world.

The Assiniboine Park Zoo has over 200 species of animals that you can visit. A must-see exhibit at the zoo is the award-winning Journey to Churchill. Here, you'll be able to discover animals of the North, including polar bears, which you can spot in the underwater tunnel.

Need some relaxation time? Minutes away from downtown Winnipeg is Thermëa, a nordic spa experience utilizing the thermal cycle. A thermal cycle is a heat therapy treatment where you alter your temperature between hot and cold. They have 4 different outdoor baths, 4 saunas and several different relaxation areas you'll be able to experience.

Make sure to visit the Winnipeg Art Gallery, where it houses the most extensive collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world! There's also a vast number of Canadian and International art.

Looking for something to eat? The Forks Market is a food destination transformed from two adjacent horse stalls and haylofts in an abandoned railyard. Grab a drink and choose from 20 craft beers and 20 wines on tap from The Common or grab a bite at PASSERO by Scott Bagshaw, a locally celebrated chef.

The Manitoba Museum is the largest museum in Winnipeg. If you want to learn more about the heritage of Manitoba, this is the place to be. The Hudson's Bay Company also designated the museum to showcase their historic materials collection, all those colourful stripes!

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Swoop | a picture of a man inside the tunnels at the Winnipeg Zoo in Manitoba with polar bears

Assiniboine Park Zoo

Swoop | a picture of the Forks Market in Winnipeg Manitoba

The Forks Market

Swoop | the Human rights museum in Winnipeg Manitoba

Canadian Museum for Human Rights