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Taxes and Fees


At Swoop we collect various taxes and levies as a part of your itinerary which are subsequently remitted to government or airport authorities. A detailed listing of these charges are broken down on the right-hand side of the screen during your booking and are also detailed in your invoice receipt. Taxes and levies related to non-refundable fares and fees are forfeited by the traveller on a cancellation or no-show and are not refundable.

Swoop GST/HST number: 795444918RT0001

How do I make a GST or HST exempt booking?

All GST/HST exempt bookings can be made through the Contact Centre where the administrative fee will be waived. The rules for exemption on Provincial government departments are based on agreements between the Federal government and each Provincial or Territorial government. These agreements currently allow for the exemption of the GST/HST for certain provincial bodies or entities of the provinces or territories of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northwest Territories and the Yukon. Contact Canadian Revenue Agency directly at 1-800-959-8287 for more information. The exemption is valid only if the service is sold to a provincial body or entity for the official business of that body or entity and the purchase is paid for with "crown funds". Employees of provincial bodies or entities purchasing travel for official business with their personal credit cards do not qualify for exemption.

Need a receipt for taxes?

Please refer to the invoice that was emailed as confirmation on your Swoop travel booking for a detailed receipt which can be used for tax purposes. Swoop is unable to reissue an invoice for tax purposes.

Taxes and fees that may be added to domestic flights

  • Airport Improvement Fees (AIF) and Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) are generally collected by Swoop at the time of booking.
  • GST/HST: Where applicable, these taxes are collected on flights and services provided in Canada. Generally, where the travel originates in the United States or the journey includes an international origin or destination, these taxes do not apply.
  • Air Travellers Security Charge (ATSC) is generally collected on all flights originating in Canada (other than connecting flights).