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What happens next?

Please allow one to three business days (excluding holidays) for a booking agent to respond to your request.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my group quote higher than the price on the website?

Our ULCC model does not allow for discounted group travel. Quotes will appear higher due to two reasons:

  1. Bundled in are the fees for one checked bag, seat assignment and a $5 booking fee per person. These are inclusive and not optional/interchangeable for group bookings.

  2. The price online is only good for a limited number of seats, and as those fares sell out, the next price set will go up and so on. For groups, we take the lowest fares for your requested number of seats and we average the price out so that everyone pays the same price.

There is a seat sale on right now, can I book my whole group at this price?

For group pricing we do not utilize seat sale fares as these are limited and cannot be guaranteed for group bookings. Instead, we recommend self-booking your group 6 seats at a time in separate reservations. If you like what you see, don’t wait! Please ensure there is an adult on each booking. If you wish to do so, as a reminder seat sale fares are limited and your price may increase as you continue your booking.

Not everyone is travelling on the same dates, can we still book as a group?

We require all travellers in a group to depart and return from the same city on the same dates. We recommend those who are deviating from the group to self-book their travels to accommodate their custom dates. If the remainder of the group is still 7 or more seats, we can book them as a group.

How do I pay? Can each traveller pay with their own credit card?

Swoop accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Debit, Swoop Credit and Swoop vouchers. Once we receive your request to book, a group booking agent will contact you for deposit or full payment. If you're paying by credit card, a maximum of two (2) credit cards per group can be used.

If I don’t have confirmed numbers can I still make a group booking?

We understand booking for group travel isn’t always easy. Once a group is booked, there are no changes or cancellations permitted after 24 hours of booking. We recommend booking confirmed numbers or estimate a conservative number. Names are not due until 72 hours prior to travel, so this gives you the time and flexibility to fill any unused seats.